Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Railway Hotel @ KTM Mall

The Railway Hotel @ KTM Mall is a place where people can either dine and shop or find a place to comfortably stay in at the 5 floor high boutique hotel above the KTM Mall. The design of the building is inspired by the original building occupying the area—KTM Railway Station. The base of the building, a place to shop and dine, has a british-influenced theme, meaning that the walls have unique textures and colors. It has a high ceiling to give the place a more spacious and free feeling and this idea was taken from the KTM original architectural design, as the building also had a high ceiling.

In The Railway Hotel, traveling businessmen or women can enjoy excellent service and stay at this boutique hotel, where each floor has an individual theme to allow them to have a different staying experience every time. The quiet atmosphere and comfortable hotel rooms as well as the available meeting and wifi rooms can provide the perfect place to do work and conduct meetings in.

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  1. You need to elaborate on the design concept of the interior since you can't change much on the exterior. You might want to mention the target audience so that it is clearer how the design concept suits the target audience.